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Easy Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Sex Doll

A sex doll is an investment, and not a cheap one at that. If you’re looking to have the best sort of experience with a sex doll, it’s time that you learn of a few tips to make the experience the best that it can be. You’ll definitely want to ensure that you’re smart with your sex doll, since it definitely is important if you want to keep it around for a long time. This article will indoctrinate you on a few tips to really help with your sex doll experience, and what to do with it.

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Use it!

One of the things that you should definitely ensure that you do with your sex doll, is actually use it. for starters, think of how much money you put into it. do you really want to just let it sit around collecting dust? Probably not. Instead, be smart and vigilant and start to use it as much as you can.

However, this does mean that you should be careful with how you use it. sex dolls are definitely supposed to be used gently in a sense. For starters, there are some joints in the skeleton of this that help with flexibility, and there are many positions that you could use. You might notice that the screws start to come loose, and if you do notice this, do take care of it. You should use the doll, and then check the doll and fix it. You should definitely be mindful when you do move her around.

Now, a lot of these dolls can take a bit of physical action against them, since they’re made with quality. However, don’t drag her or knock her on surfaces, and don’t drop her. That will only make the skeleton come loose, and in some cases, it can damage it permanently.

Another thing that you should be careful about as well, is don’t use sharp objects. You can penetrate the skin, and that is almost impossible to fix, so be mindful of when you use it. You should also try to make sure that you don’t try to stretch out the limbs too much. With many of these dolls, you’ll notice that they can take a bit, and you can stretch it a tin y bit, but not so much as to tear them off. Just treat her with respect, and it can definitely keep it around for a while.

If you don’t become mindful of this, along with the use of extreme force, it can definitely affect the lifespan. It can actually deform the body, and it might affect the stance and the limbs too, so actually get a use out of this.

If you leave it in one position for too long, it will warp the body, which will reduce the quality big time. If you begin to notice that, do take the right precautions and start to use it in an effective manner. Be mindful of how you’re using the doll, and you’ll have a better experience.
Care for It Like a Pet

Okay, this might sound weird, but if you do have a sex doll, you’ll want to remember that in a sense it is like a pet. It’s obviously not a living, breathing animal, but it is an investment, and an expensive one at that, and you need to make sure you preserve it so that you allow it to last a long time. If you don’t, you’re going to end up ruining it, and you might end up making the doll kind of gross and unsanitary as well if you don’t’ clean it. You should make sure that it’s cleaned up after sex, and you take care of the skin and clothing. There are also a lot of pollutants that can actually damage the skin of these dolls as well. While they can take the power from sex, they often have their limits. You can be rough with them, but not so rough as to you hurting the limbs and tearing them off. It’s like with a pet, you want to make sure that it stays around for a long time, and that you clean and take care of it. You wouldn’t use excessive force with a pet, but you would pick it up and cuddle it. If you kind of think of your sex doll in that mentality, it’ll allow you to keep it around for a long time.

There are many who think you can just go hog-wild, keeping it in a closet with the sun burning down on it, and you might not take care of the skin. You might also think that it can totally handle excessive body weight. That isn’t the case. A lot of the higher-quality ones can, but it should also be kept in mind that you should be respectful of the limits of these dolls. Remember, you want it to last a long time, right? You want to use it for experimentation, to help relieve stress, and to help understand your sexuality a lot more, right? Well, you can do that, but also remember to be respectful of the doll as well, making it much longer-lasting, and allowing you to have a much better experience for a long time.

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Lube it up

Now lube is something that should be used with a sex doll. If you want chafing and pain, you wouldn’t use it, but if you want an experience that feels good for yourself, and for the doll, definitely get some lube.

Some might think that all lube is equal, it’s not. Some of the cheap lubes aren’t that great, and with a sex doll, you should try to use the water-based ones. It’ll allow you to have better penetration, and you should use it for all of the cavities, whether it be oral, anal, or vaginal. This will allow the skin to be smoother both on the doll and on you. It definitely is something you’ll want if you don’t’ want a chafed dick, and it can help keep the doll lasting longer as well.

If you don’t use lube with the doll, the big problem with that, is that you will start to notice that the skin begins to wear down. It isn’t as smooth, nor is it as tight as you might want it to be, and it actually can affect the performance of the doll. You might notice that the hole was nice and tight when you initially used it, but now it isn’t. This can really affect the texture and the smoothness of it.

Plus, think about it, it can even affect the skeletal system of the doll as well. If you’re thrusting hard into the doll without any stops, it can actually cause the doll to break down, so you should definitely be mindful of it. Obviously, these dolls are made of the highest quality, and many of them are expensive because of how much you want to put into it to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. But, be mindful of it, and you should definitely use lube, not only for yourself, but the doll as well.

It often is also important to remember that certain positrons affect the doll as well. Be smart, and use lube with each time. When you’re done, clean up the orifices. Those get nasty. When you do use the doll, make sure to reapply lube each time, as the lube can sometimes come off with the force of the thrusts. It’s something to consider, and if you want to have an amazing sexual experience with the doll, you’ll definitely want this.

Skin and clothing shopping

Skin and clothing are two other things that you should definitely consider as well. When you have a sex doll, you might want to think about getting her some new outfits. For the sake of privacy, online shopping is really your best bet, since there are retailers that give you clothing options for your doll. You should definitely be mindful of the colors as well.

When it comes to the types of clothing, you should try to avoid any sorts of clothing that is dark, or it has prints. If you do have some of those, try to only use them sparingly, since it can discolor the skin in a means that is very hard to get rid of. You should also be mindful of any prints that you have around too.

If you do have any oil-soluble clothing and pigments, you should avoid putting them on your doll. This will stain the body and the clothes. If you’re using a doll with an outfit that is bulky, be mindful of it, since often this can be torn as well during sex. You should be mindful of what you put your doll in. clothes are a great feature for a sex doll. Sure, having it naked is great and all, but for roleplay reasons, you might want some new duds. If that is the case, consider buying them from adult store retailers that sell them, since often, they do make these clothes custom for the doll, since often they are much smaller than the average human, so you might struggle to find a few things.

Now for the situation where you have a stain on the doll, you should get a stain remover specifically made for sex dolls. You can get them from an adult retailer, and keep them away from anything that has an ink on it, since often this can transfer and it can damage the body along with the clothes. You should be smart about where you leave it. sure, having it in the closet does work, but if you don’t take care of it in a fitting manner, then you might end up creating a lot of problems with this, and it could affect the overall look, since sometimes the stains are too much to remove.
And finally, the skin. Sometimes, with repeat uses, the oils will make the skin feel unappealing, almost tacky in a sense. That’s a sign that you need to bathe the doll and get it cleaned. First, give it a bath, which you should obviously do about once a month in general to get rid of any sorts of film and such. However, if you don’t want to deal with that, there is always that renewal powered that you can get from an adult store in order to dust the doll’s skin. For silicone sex dolls, this is even more important, since you tend to feel the tackiness of the skin almost immediately. It comes with a brush, so once you do put it on the doll, brush off anything that is leftover, and let it sit. It’ll then become soft again. If you worry that your doll might age, don’t put it near a place where the sun is. Be mindful if you take it outside, and try to get an umbrella for this as well. Obviously, this is your choice at the end of the day, your doll, but if you do go outside with it for whatever reason, be mindful that it can damage the skin, just like how it does with human skin if you’re not careful.

For many people, having a sex doll might seem super easy, but if you’re not careful, this actually can affect the overall quality of the doll. Being smart and mindful about this is essential, and in truth, even something as small as bathing and using renewing powder could take all but thirty or so minutes, so you’ll be able to get the most out of your doll without spending a boatload of money on it.

For many people that want a sex doll, keep these in mind. They aren’t super high-maintenance, but they do require some care, so keep that in mind before you make the journey to purchase a realistic sex doll.

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