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I am A Sex Doll

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My boyfriend is the focal point of me. To help you understand what I mean I will brush over what happened yesterday.

He is a young man, and very thoughtful. He likes to ask me some questions, such as “Are you warm enough?” and ‘Would you like me to turn the light on?’ and “Would you like to watch some comedy movies?” and “This doesn’t hurt you, does it Sweety”


Sweety is my name. He likes to call me like this. Sometimes I think he hopes I can give him a reaction, a word, a nod. It does not matter though. As you know, True reactions from true people are unpredictable,frightening or demeaning. Reactions can do him great harm.It gives him the chance to bend my lifeless mouth to his ear and create his own answers. I have never said unkind word to him, and he has never said unkind word to me. I cannot offend him by pulling away from his needy embrace. Our relationship is immaculate and free from the usual strains. He has never been truly disappointed in me.He usually pulls the blankets up to my neck or lays me into a position that makes my joints creak. But I do not mind any of this. I never get too hot or cold. As long as he imagines I am well and happy, and that I care for him, this is what matters, because this is what makes it true.

He tells me that he always loves me. I believe he does. Who,anyway, is to say when we love and when we do not? He often buys me flowers and some jewellery which looks nice,like stones. I can feel happiness upon him whenever he does this,though I have never thanked him for his kindness. He does it anyway, despite my silence. Do you think this is not love? Is it not the prerogative of a lover to forgive you your failures and love you. Especially when you are cold and quiet, whatever people say? Every time I feel excitement in his footsteps before he comes into my room and sees me.Even in his gestures as he hurries over to replace my sleeping face with my wakeful face and kiss my eyes.Is that not love?My sleeping face is what I wear when he is not around.But my dreams are always full of him and our bedroom and the time we spend together. My dreams,you see, are artificial dreams, and I was not made for the world outside.


He took out the blusher and touched up my cheeks. Then He applied the scarlet lipstick to my lips. He is becoming very accomplished at these things.His lipstick technique is really improving now. The last thing was the eyeliner, he is not as ood with the eyeliner as he is with the lipstick. He sighed as he drew back to look at me.He held my head up and kissed me very softly on the mouth. He kissed me again and agian, around the cheeck and sniffed at a lock of hair.

I am a sex doll for men which has strongly sextual desire. But he do not that with me. Sometimes I really hope somebody can take me hope and sex with each other, that will meet me.

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