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Why sex dolls so popular in the world

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With the improvement of Chinese people’s material and cultural level, and the collision with Western culture, Chinese people’s understanding of sex and language, no longer so taboo. As a result, all kinds of film and television works and sex fairs are increasing year by year in China. The market demand for sex products is increasing year by year, so all kinds of materials related to sex products are heating up year by year.

Sex Doll, a human sex imitation. It is made in proportion to the girl’s 1:1. Replace the real person to meet the orgasm. Silicone dolls are soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to real girls. Silicone dolls are easy to carry and wash and can be used repeatedly.


The temperature range can be used for a long time under -65 [-65] C - 200 degrees. It can be used for a long time and maintain its soft elastic properties. It has excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, no corrosiveness, physiological inertia, non-toxic and tasteless, low linear shrinkage, easy operation and so on.

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Lifelike silicone dolls are made of silica gel besides bones, that is, solid dolls. All-silica gel dolls are more realistic and soft. But relatively high prices, even domestic made silicone dolls are also more than 20 thousand, Japan’s imports are generally 50 thousand up and down.
Love dolls are only made of silica gel and filled with airbags or organic cotton. The price of these dolls ranges from 3000 to 8000.

The general senior simulation baby dolls are made of German imported silicone parts, with the super soft cloth to make them have unmatched skin texture and real touch feeling. The fashionable dress, the money has the ingenuity, and the attractive place, in each doll’s neck, there is a small button, and the baby’s heart is touched gently. This is the core that is specially developed with the simulation doll.

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